Friday, February 24, 2012

Recent studio shots

Studio wall shot - about/face in process

The Fates in process. Part of the nine months series - thinking about life and death, personal mythology and the origin of imagination

The Fates (detail 1) The Weaver

The Fates (detail 2) Balance, the decider of the length of one's life

It's Always A Choice (sketch). Work after re-reading Thought Forms by Leadbeater.

In the hour a day I have in studio - after the little one goes to sleep and before I pass out from general exhaustion - I have begun to sketch. Putting things up on the wall, exercising the art muscles in my brain, is becoming more and more important. The below are sketches from a couple of years ago, that are becoming larger and more fleshed out.

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Tereza said...

I'm excited to read thought-forms just found it online.