Saturday, February 18, 2012

New work in process

Hello Tereza,
I'm sorry to have been absent in recent days.

I've attached an image of a painting in progress - the first one I've started in eight months.
Some things feel familiar, some things feel very new; I'm interested in deepening my connection to whatever "this" is. I'll add more when they arrive - from my brain into the world.
There is something about working with the concepts of redemption, devotion, and beauty that are in the forefront of my mind. It feels like many things I've worked with in the past are right here in front of me (again).

The studio is practically done.

We've finished the insulation, drywall, electrical, and heat source (wood burning stove).

It makes me feel incredibly lucky to have this as a space in which to work.
I hope to give myself the gift of solitude, and get on with things already ...

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