Thursday, April 9, 2009



-9:00- 11:30: Studio.
Progressed with second Morse code piece. Three more strands

-1pm: Greek consulate with Dad.
Good progress; am officially in queue in Athens for dual citizenship

-3-4:30pm: Giro.
Walked from 79th street and Madison avenue to 24th street and 8th avenue, mostly along 5th avenue. Even with the overload of tourists, it's still my favorite passageway of New York.

-5-6pm: Worked on client.

-6-6:30: Ate falafel, thankfully alone.

-6:30 - 8pm: SoHo
Ilana's opening. It was lovely, met very interesting people.

-8-9pm - walked around SoHo with friends from the opening.

-9pm - 12am - With Turu's friends Dominic and Pat and Pat's baby Fenton.

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