Wednesday, April 8, 2009

researching place, land, home

The town of my birth: Jesenik , Czech Republic
known for it's healing through water.

to the town of my residence: Redmond, WA,_Washington

I'm thinking of these places in relationship to Lucy Lippard's essay Looking Around: Where We Are, Where We Could Be. I'm thinking of colonial habits that devastate the ecosystem, my habits and my intrusion on this land. A thought from today; if you/I had very little water left, would we water the tree or drink? Which one is more important to the ecosystem?


sensorium said...
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Holly said...

Tereza, I am interested in what you are thinking about here, also Angela’s post about getting her citizenship for Greece. I have also tried to look into this, & to research into my family history and what that means in relation to where I am now. How these delicate systems family, environment, location, displacement, ect. can be effected by our small and seemingly insignificant actions or interactions. Where did you find the Lucy Lippard Article? I would love to read it!
xo, Holly