Saturday, June 13, 2015

with you not here

With you not here, but understanding that distance does not have to stop dialogue,

I find myself asking again- what it is that I truly want?

I need to go now into the practice, deeper.

Understand the reading's implications
as possible alternative structure (like Krishnamurti's On Nature.)

I need to understand I can have roots now and anywhere, even in our nomadic life.

I need to now present what I believe,
live what I know (the strong belief in the unknown.)

I want my kids to flourish,
not in just health and well-being, although that needs to be considered in investing time into the garden, the environment and the food we consume.

But I want to spark their interest and curiosity for nature (not necessarily the thing we call 'nature' somewhere in the woods.)

I want them to be interested in their learning and unlearning.

I want to organize a different way of life, renewable energy, sustainable practice. Looking at the house now; make a clothesline, investigate raising poultry.

Be grateful for what is here.
Be willing to change what is here.

Rereading bell hooks

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