Tuesday, March 17, 2015

on the brink II

questioning again:  What do I want?

I still want to change the world.

in my everyday:
Set up, continue and maintain an environment that meets the developmental needs of the family.
(Gift of Time would be a good space to work on and document this work.) In order to expand into      the work below.
Create works to encourage development; physical, emotional, intellectual.
Right now there is a toddler and a grandmother in my life, so the works will be developed for them.
I want the time (2 hours a day) to develop and test the work.

Set up environments that meet the developmental needs of every child, woman, human.
Help transform current educational system. (Starting with infants following through adulthood.)
Start with creating toddler/mother spaces (following Montessori principles)
Women workshops-teaching transformation techniques to parents like meditation, aesthetics, art, and practical tips to rearrange space/make space for themselves and their children.
Nursery schools (3-6)- produce Montessori works (expand to American size measurements) and produce beautiful artworks that children work with.

want wall3 from Tereza Swanda on Vimeo.

Was reminded of the Want Wall from 2009 where I asked participants to answer: What it is you truly want? and projected their words onto an 8x8 ft wall.

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