Wednesday, December 10, 2014

RE: Art Life No Separation - Invitation to collaborate, Red Library

Let's start the visual process- we can treat this part as a process on it's own. 

Last night I was thinking how to start: 
The first thing that came up was our poem and your conscious object that came from it. 
(We could wear conscious objects at opening, artist talks, blue and red)
Our little red books would also look nice on display perhaps next to your conscious object on a shelf.

I have a folder of your works and a folder of mine. Let me send you an image of mine. Please respond by sending me a word/sound/object/image of yours? 

Then we can fit these duets accordingly by size into the space. What do you think??

I think our Named Girls Series, (Sculptures with paintings,) is strong and we should look at their installation. I have to think how I would display the sculptures: if a 2"x 1" sculpture would have a strong enough effect next to your paintings or if the sculptures have to be translated into projections/prints/transfers magnified to the right scale with your work next to it. 

In addition, I think it would be good to diversify including objects, videos, etc. 

More on the writing to come....

(old, transitional painting from 4B)


Varecha, story in our little red books

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