Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A not so sure George

(I got the Millay check today, after waiting for it this past month. I can't help to think that it was meant to come this particular day.)

I want to track it's spending, the first three dollars go to the following;
 Diane Jacob's project $PEAK OUT:

The staggering statistic that around the world at least 1 woman in every 3 has been beaten, coerced into sex or otherwise abused in her lifetime requires us to act. 

$PEAK OUT is about engaging the public to respond to this crisis and ending the silence. Through outreach, people from all walks of life will participate and react to these atrocities with their voices on their money. This act of transforming individual statements and drawings into a collective artwork is compelling. The power is in the numbers, yet what touches the heart is each handwritten expression. Money buys inequality, injustice, and violence. Money procures policy-making and military action. Money captures attention.
The goal for $PEAK OUT is to generate a paradigm shift. Imagine thousands, hundreds of thousands, a million - even a billion’s worth of bills hung on austere white museum walls, in university galleries, and community public spaces. Massive displays of money generate a visceral reaction. At closer inspection, individual messages are revealed. The work is unified by the continuity of material and method. Each personalized script is precisely cut. 

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AngelaVoulgarelis said...

I'm glad that you posted Diane's piece - I was going to share that as well. Very important. ... And what check from Millay? curious xo