Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Thank You

Thank you for posting your recent work. I love that we have this communication between us. It helps me get through the lulls of daily life. 

I think of Anitra often, especially when I post here, because I remember that she was one of the only people who followed of our blog once she knew it existed. I miss her, and had her in my thoughts today as the bright yellow leaves kept on falling and falling and falling off the maple trees in my front yard. How is it to work with her in your studio practice? 

I'm striking one show on Friday, and going to an opening reception for another on Saturday. New work, and older work from Mixed Media in 2006 that has been un-earthed in recent months. I'm working on my artist statement too. Here's a sample of the first paragraph..what do you think?

My work reveals common threads between meditative practice and everyday actions.  Through painting, performance, and object making, I weave together notions of time, memory, and human experiences in the material world.

Commonplace routines of daily life have always inspired me. So, too, have concepts of interconnection, intuitive healing, and multi-dimensionality. How can a performance of sweeping the streets be communicated and understood as an aspect of meditation? When I work, I try to approach everything I do with the same reverence, and remind myself that there is no separation between art and life. Routines shift into becoming rituals; the ordinary becomes extraordinary. 

I'll try to post photos soon..in the meanwhile here are some images and a brief description of the work from my upcoming show Don't/Not Enough opening in Kingston this Saturday xo

Don't/ Not Enough is a collection of photographs taken from advertisements for health and beauty products found in vintage Italian magazines. They are assembled out of their original context to create visual analogies that exist outside of language. I use these images to depict how we attempt to heal ourselves, how we try to mend, what we use to suture our scars.

This series is directly inspired by Annette Messager's Voluntary Tortures, whose images depict women submitting to cosmetic procedures in order to maintain a socially defined standard of beauty.

I take a slightly different approach, As a woman creating this series, Feminism of course plays a role in the images I selected, but as an artist with my own wounds to heal, my aim is to speak to this larger issue.

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Tereza said...

I love seeing these again! I remember them hovering around me when I was working on the installation at Chemeketa. The description for Don't/Not Enough is fantastic and so clear! The last sentence I would like clarification on- I'm not sure what the larger issue is. But bravo- the work is lovely!