Friday, October 19, 2012

Back to Back

Tereza! I'm finally back online, after a very long hiatus.
Thank you so much for continuing to post, and for keeping this blog alive.
I miss you very much, and am very happy to see your hand back in your work.

I hope to be able to post images of my recent work soon; however, it has felt as though I've not completed anything at all except for changing diapers, going to the park, helping the baby feed himself, etc. The short intervals of studio time don't seem to be enough - although I admit that's a mindset I have to sort's not really "real".

I did manage to go to an artists' talk entitled "Taking Custody: the double life of the artist mother", sponsored by SVA this week. The panel was comprised of women who are artists who also happen to be mothers. It was encouraging to hear that the issues I currently face are more universal to artist mothers in general, and not just in my particular case. I felt uplifted and more reassured. It was also my birthday, so as a present to myself I gave myself that time to listen and learn.

I hope to get better at talking to you through our blog again, although I have to admit I got used to speaking to you over the phone when you were living in the US! Without that ease, I feel a little cut off. Can I vent to you here? I need some help I'm afraid. Or, I need some help. I'm afraid.


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Tereza said...

I know that hiatus. I've also felt quite cut off living both in Seattle while parenting and now here in Europe, mostly focused on teaching. But we can find moments. Hopefully we can find times to catch each other on fb or skype soon. Know that all of you is there, the art self and the mother self. One is just at the forefront while the other rests. I can't wait to hear of the talk, "Taking custody."