Sunday, March 18, 2012

New butterflies over Prague

studio, dinning room, living room


Anitra said...

I love that you are "new butterflies." It's like you, Will ad Alenka are introducing yourselves onto the scene - - elegantly, with boldness yet deep respect for the environment.
So glad you are continuing with the collages. They seem to articulate your voice and position clearly. Thank you for sharing my love!

Anitra said...

I also see that you and Ali are giggling and smiling : )

Tereza said...

Are you a new butterfly? Will I see you flying this summer, elegant, bold, and always with a deep respect for the environment. I love you! So glad you are continuing!
Tonight more than ever I need to "articulate my voice and position clearly." How I miss your edits- can I channel you tonight to help me with them as you always had?
Oh Ani! I wish I could share so much more.