Monday, December 1, 2008

Hi C and R,
Attached please find images for my piece for the Map/Nomad show you are kindly organizing.
Feel free to use any or all - not sure what your thoughts are on image selection.
After spraying with fixatif, I plan to mail it out today.

Some thoughts on the theme of the show:
Nomadic in nature -
structure of the piece is flexible to accommodate traveling -
one can hold each card in one's hand, or arrange as group (within group).
Traveling by one or many...

Arrangement is flexible -
piece is encouraged to be installed in various ways - to change position, open possibilities...

Very little preciousness -
if nature of piece and show is to travel, piece is to maintain its fortitude for long travels.
Weathering encouraged.
I imagine this piece can also be blown away just as easily as all of us can be blown away ... poof!

Ultimately, I think there is no "map" - only that of the heart.
More thoughts when they come my way.

With love,
Angela Rose

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